Adventure Time Finn the Human Child-Size Halloween Costume

Kids who love watching Adventure Time on Cartoon Network can carry over the love to their Halloween costume. That’s right, fans can dress up as their favorite adventurer – Finn the Human – for Halloween.

Sadly, you won’t be be able to find any Adventure Time Halloween costumes in any local stores. That is because only one place is authorized to sell the costumes, and that place is an online store!

If you want to buy a Finn the Human from Adventure Time Halloween costume, then you have to do your costume shopping online. Click HERE –> Adventure Time Finn Child Costume to view the costume. (And if you want an adult size Finn costume, go here.)

As you can tell, the costume has almost everything that you need to turn your child into that fun loving adventurer Finn the Human. And a sibling or parent can get in on the fun by dressing in the adult size Jake the Dog from Adventure Time Halloween costume.

One thing that you will need to go with the costume that is NOT included is Finn’s sword. Instead, you have to purchase it separately, but it is actually pretty cheap. Check out the Adventure Time Finn Sword now.

Adventure Time Finn Child Costume

Adventure Time Finn Child Costume

Finn is a 14 year old human boy who lives in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo with his best friend Jake; a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will. Finn is a fiery little