Adventure Time Fionna Adult-Size Halloween Costume

Did you see the episode of Adventure Time where the Ice King was holding Finn and Jake hostage and reading his fan fiction to them? In the fan fiction-themed episode of Adventure Time, each character’s gender is the opposite of how it normally is. For instance, Princess Bubblegum is a prince, the Ice King is a queen and Finn and Jake are Fionna and Cake. That’s right Finn is Fionna and Jake is Cake the cat. If you’re not familiar with this episode, or just don’t remember, check out the video below.

Now that you know who Fionna is, you might want to dress up as Fionna from Adventure Time for Halloween. Unfortunately, they only make the costume in an adult size. So, if you can wear adult sizes, check out the Adventure Time Fionna Adult Women’s Costume.

The costume comes with the outfit, the hat, the backpack and the knee socks. That means that you need only two other things to complete your Adventure Time Fionna Halloween costume:

Of course, you might already have some shoes of your own that you can use in the costume. And other stores sell the sword, but it is cheapest at the link above. To get more details on the costume, click the link below or under the video.

Adventure Time Fionna Adult Women's Costume

Adventure Time Fionna Adult Women’s Costume

Fionna and Cake; a human girl and her cat; replace Finn and Jake as they battle the Ice Queen to save Prince Gumball and the Candy Kingdom. Fionna is a fictional character and the gender-swapped