Adventure Time Ice King Adult-Size Halloween Costume

Who is the most lovable villain in all of the Candy Kingdom? Well, if you are a fan of the cartoon Adventure Time, then you know the answer to this question is the Ice King.

What I love about the Ice King is that wants to be friends with Finn and Jake one minute and the next he is doing something slightly evil that causes him to have to fight with Finn and Jake. And he is always surrounded by those penguin minions! If you love the Ice King as much as I do, then you might want check out this Adventure Time Ice King Adult Costume for Halloween.

Sadly, the costume does not come with any penguin minions, but it will give you everything that you need to dress up as the Ice King from Adventure Time for Halloween this year. Like the other Adventure Time costumes, only one retailer is authorized to sell the Ice King costume – and that is an online store. You can click on the link above or below to get more info.

Adventure Time Ice King Adult Costume

Adventure Time Ice King Adult Costume

Adventure Time’s Ice King is around 1;000 years old and frequently steals princesses throughout Ooo to forcefully marry them. His magic abilities to freeze things by hurling frozen lightning bolts;