Adventure Time Jake The Dog Adult-Size Halloween Costume

If you are a fan of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, then you probably love the character of Jake the Dog as much as I do. In fact, Jake is my favorite character on Adventure Time. If you love Jake the Dog as much as I do, then you might want to dress up as Jake from Adventure Time this Halloween. Fortunately, they make Jake the Dog Halloween costumes for fans of all ages. Grown-up fans of Jake can order a Adventure Time Jake the Dog Adult Men’s Costume. While the costume comes in men’s sizes, it can be worn by women as well. There is also a child’s costume available.

The great thing about this Jake the Dog Halloween costume is how simple it is. As you can tell from the image, all you need is pants and a shirt to go with the costume. You can opt for black pants and a black shirt, like in the picture, or you can search for pants and a shirt in the same color. Either way, you get pretty much everything you need when you buy the costume. Click the link below or above to get more detail on the costume. And order early because this Adventure Time costume is selling fast!

Adventure Time Jake the Dog Adult Men's Costume

Adventure Time Jake the Dog Adult Men’s Costume

Jake is Finn’s best friend and adoptive brother. He is a dog with magic powers; he has a laid-back attitude in most situations but loves adventure and will eagerly fight when he needs to. There’s no