Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Halloween Costume

Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Halloween Costume

Whether you are getting all dressed up for Promcoming, Halloween or just to look fresh to death, the new LSP Halloween costume will have everyone wanting your lumps.

This is a new 2013 Adventure Time costume for Halloween, cosplay and any other occasion that you might need to get dressed up for as LSP.

This costume is designed for adults, so unfortunately there is no LSP costume for the kiddos right now. But hey, this women’s Lumpy Space Princess costume is pretty great for the adult fans of Adventure Time.

The costume is ONLY available online from one store and that is Spirit Halloween.

buy LSP costume

The price is $39.99 and they are already taking order for it. So, if you are interested then you need to buy it before it sells out.

Women’s sizes for the costume are: small, medium and large only.

With this costume, you get:

  • the purple LSP wig
  • the purple dress with sheer star overlay
  • matching lumpy cloud-like back piece
  • purple gloves for your hands

Obviously, you do not get shoes with this or any other accessories. If it is going to be cold outside when you wear this, then you might want to pair it with purple tights, boots or even longer purple gloves. But any way you put it all together, one thing is certain – you will look lumpin awesome in your LSP Halloween costume!