Steampunk Cosplay Costumes Ideas

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If you are a fan of steampunk, then you are likely well aware of the cool Victorian era costumes that go with the steampunk subculture. I like to describe steampunk outfits as Victorian or medieval meets nerdy-gadget style. You have corsets and top hats with watches that have exposed gears and other cool gadgets.

If you are new to steampunk, then you are sure to love the look of steampunk cosplay outfits. And they’re not just for Halloween!

Sure, you can dress up in a steampunk Halloween costume, but you can also wear it to a Comic-Con, party, steampunk club or other event or gathering. No matter where you are going in your steampunk costume, one thing is certain – you will look wicked cool in it.

Even if you are not into steampunk, I suspect that you will find a lot of these costumes look really great.

Getting Your Steampunk Costume

Buy It or Make It?

One of the great thing about steampunk costumes is that you often do not need to buy much, if anything at all, to throw together a cool steampunk outfit. If you already own a corset and long flowing skirt, you might just need to get some steampunk accessories to finish the look. Or maybe you are a dude and you already have a retro suit and hat and just want to get a pair of goggles for the hat and a cool pocket watch or something.

If you don’t have anything that you can re-purpose into a steampunk outfit, then a thrift store or vintage clothing shop is the perfect place to look for cheap steampunk clothes to make your steampunk costume. Of course, there are places that sell actual steampunk costumes and clothes as well, so you can just buy something new, if that is what you prefer to do. I have found that shopping online offers the best assortment of steampunk clothes and accessories. Click the link below for the selection of steampunk costume clothing.


Best Steampunk Costumes


Full Steam Ahead Men’s Steampunk Costume

Full Steam Ahead Men's Steampunk Costume

If you are looking for a men’s costuming idea that looks dashing and sexy at the same time, take a look at this Full Steam Ahead Men’s Steampunk Costume. (Click link for larger image and more details)

The main colors of the outfit are brown and black. You get the trench coat, which is brown with black leatherette detailing.

The jacket has lots of gear details on it, including gear shaped buttons. And there is a chain on the back. Also included are matching spats to complete the look.

The outfit is made of polyester and must be hand washed if you get it dirty.

Steampunk Sweetie Adult Women’s Costume

Steampunk Sweetie Adult Women's Costume

For a sexy women’s steampunk costume that does not employ the traditional long Victorian skirt, try this Steampunk Sweetie Adult Women’s Costume. (Click link for larger image and more details)

This women’s dress up outfit is not without its Victorian stylings, except that it is way sexier that most of the longer Victorian outfits.

The dress is cold and black with gear designs on the dress and black lace trimmings. It is important to note that this particular dress is hand wash only.

To finish this look off, you just need to buy some shoes and the fish net hose.

Steampunk Gentleman Adult Men’s Costume

Steampunk Gentleman Adult Men's Costume

Another great dress up idea for men is the dapper Steampunk Gentleman Adult Men’s Costume. (click link for larger image and more detail)

I really love the detail on this men’s dashing outfit. You get both the jacket and pants with this outfit.

The jacket has tails and is a dark brown with lighter brown detailing. The matching pants are jodhpur-like and also dark brown.

Pair it with a derby hat and boots and you are ready to go!

The cane is not included, but the gear accessory on the jacket front is included.

Steampunk Victorian Lady Adult Women’s Costume

Steampunk Victorian Lady Adult Women's Costume

For an elegant steampunk look, try out this Steampunk Victorian Lady Adult Women’s Costume. (click link for larger image and more details)

The sleek, black Victorian dress reeks of sophistication and refinement. The all black classy outfit features a black satin jacket and a long black skirt that is trimmed with lace.

With the addition of a few accessories, this costume is ready for your next steampunk party.

It does have to be hand washed, so be careful not to spill anything on it when you go out.

And try not to turn too many heads when you walk past wearing this sexy number.

Sir Steampunk Adult Men’s Costume

>Sir Steampunk Adult Men's Costume

The sexiest men’s cosplay outfit that I have seen is the Sir Steampunk Adult Men’s Costume. (click link for larger image and more details)

The jacket for this men’s dress up outfit is really full of details.

The lighter colored jabot part of it features a gold gears design. The jacket itself is jet black.

The buttons present a lot of detail as the look like gears.

You can even use your own black pants with this outfit.

It is a hand wash only piece, so you will want to take care not to get anything on it when you wear it out.

Steampunk Showgirl Adult Women’s Costume

Steampunk Showgirl Adult Women's Costume

If you don’t mind showing a little skin, then a good cosplay idea for you is the sexy Steampunk Showgirl Adult Women’s Costume. (click link for larger image and more details)

This women’s cosplay outfit has a lot of pieces to it.

You get the midriff-baring brown top, the beige and cream skirt with the attached belt, the pantaloons and bustle.

The only things you will need to add to this look are some sexy boots and maybe a mini sweetie hat.

Keep in mind that the whole outfit is hand wash only, so it is best to try to keep from getting anything on it.

Steampunk Duster Adult Men’s Costume

Steampunk Duster Adult Men's Costume

One of the more unique men’s dressing up ideas available is the Steampunk Duster Adult Men’s Costume. (click link for larger image and more details)

The great thing about this particular choice is that you can wear practically anything under it since the duster is so long.

It is all black.

You do not get the hat, gloves, boots or goggles with this one though.

So, you will need to get some additional accessories to complete the look in the image.

The long, handsome duster is a hand-wash only piece, so take care not to get anything on it when you wear it out.

What Makes A Good Costume for Steampunkers?

As you look through all of the cool costume options that I have managed to find and list here, you will likely notice that there is quite a lot of variety among them. In fact, there are no hard and fast rules as to what exactly makes up the perfect costume or outfit for steampunkers.

For some people, it can be as simple as wearing your normal street clothes and a pair of goggles. Or even a really cool jewelry piece that looks like gears and gadgets.

For others, it is one of these elaborately put together looks that is made of several different key pieces that all come together for some steampunk realness.

Basically, the rule is that there are no rules. You can be a sexy steampunk pirate queen or a reserved steampunk Victorian lady or gentleman. Either way, the look is up to you, so go out there and have a lot of fun with it!

Other Cool Women’s Steampunk Outfit Ideas

Living Dead Souls Romantic Flowing Black Dress Steampunk

Living Dead Souls Romantic Flowing Black Dress Steampunk

This is just a simple flowing black dress that you can use for your steampunk outfit.

It is designed in the same manner as a lot of the full steampunk costume dress. You can accessorize it with maybe a hat, some fishnets and cool steampunk shoes.

Based on my own experience, I think that a pair of fishnet gloves would also look great with it.

Click here for more info

Sizes range from small to XXL. That is one of the things that makes this particular outfit so great is that pretty much anyone can take this and turn it into a pretty awesome looking costume.

Good option for wearing to the club, for cosplay, for cons and for Halloween. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Perfect for pairing with some of your own awesome accessories to really complete the look. It will look pretty sexy on when you are done.

Black Steampunk Leather Look Underbust Corset

Black Steampunk Leather Look Underbust Corset

This is a really sexy corset that would look fabulous as part of a steampunk outfit.

It is made out of faux leather so that it is very soft. The back is lace-up and the front has the cool metal buckles.

Sizes range from small to XXL.

Click here for more info.

Like the dress above, the multiple size options is one of the things that makes this such a great part of any outfit.

So, if you’re looking for plus size steampunk costumes, this one should definitely be on your short list.

Plus, it is super attractive so you really cannot go wrong with it.

It does not get any hotter than this look for your costume or outfit. Give it a try and I dare you to disagree!

Paper Magic Steampunk Witch Goth Cyber Punk Adult Cosplay Costume

Paper Magic Steampunk Witch Goth Cyber Punk Adult Cosplay Costume

This is one of the coolest witch costumes that I’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s steampunk!

With this costume you get the hat, the skirt, the over skirt and the top. Sadly, you have to get your own goggles, gloves, shoes and fishnets.

It still looks really awesome though.

Sizes range from small to XL.

Click here for more info.

While this one is not the best option when it come to plus size steampunk outfits, you can get it in an XL. So it might work for some larger girls.

Either way, you have to admit that this is one pretty cool looking costume. Right? It is kind of like Harry Potter meets steampunk, right?

And, obviously, the end result is a thousand shades of complete awesomeness. Let me know what you think!

Great option if you do not mind going as a witch. It is also pretty unique, so that makes it a cool choice.

Steampunk Victorian Brocade Dinner Dress

Steampunk Victorian Brocade Dinner Dress

If you want a really authentic Victorian look for your steampunk costume, then this dress is a must-have.

You get both the skirt and the blouse for a complete costume.

You might want to finish it off with some cool steampunk boots, gloves and a head piece.

Click here for more info.

Sizes range from small to XL. Again, not the best option for plus size women, but a few will get use out of it since you can get as big as an XL in the outfit.

Personally, I am not really in love with this particular choice. However, when it comes to period looks, this one is pretty great at Victorian, right?

So, it just might work out for you if that is your main objective.

Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.

Overall, not one of my faves, but still a good period piece choice.

Steampunk Victorian the Wickfield 3-pc Ensemble

Steampunk Victorian the Wickfield 3-pc Ensemble

I really enjoy the elegant look of this steampunk costume.

It is a 3-piece costume, so you get the Marquess Underbust Corset, the Wickfield Blouse and the Satin Pegged Skirt.

The outfit is a deep purple with black lace trimmings and a greenish corset.

Click here for more info.

Just pair it with the right steampunk shoes and maybe a small steampunk hat and you are ready!

Sizes range from small to XL.

One of the really nice things about this particular costume is that it is pretty much a full set.

You get a total of three complete pieces.

Really, the only thing that is lacking here is a pair of sweet Victorian-style shoes and maybe a matching hat to complete the theme. However, you could easily get away without those things if you needed to.

Overall, a really nice look with this one, at least I think so.

This one brings sassy elegance realness, right?

Steampunk Victorian Moire 2-pc Ensemble

Steampunk Victorian Moire 2-pc Ensemble

This steampunk outfit has kind of a cool look. It almost looks like a steampunk flight attendant outfit.

You get two pieces for this costume – the skirt and the Moire Tie-Back Blouse. You’ll notice that the skirt has some gears on it.

Add some tall steampunk boots and maybe a hat with goggles and your look is complete.

Click here for more info.

Sizes range from small to XL.

There is a steampunk book where the female main character is an airplane pilot (I can’t remember the name of it). Anyways, each time that I look at this costume I think of that book.

So it makes me think of that and I also get a lot of attitude from it.

This is definitely a strong will woman type of steampunk cosplay costume. And, I love that about this one!

I really love the attitude of this costume.

Victorian Widow Maker Adult Costume

Victorian Widow Maker Adult Costume

This steampunk costume has a kind of sexy and mysterious look about it.

You get pretty much what you see – choker, skirt, blouse, coat and hat with veil.

All you need to add are shoes to have a complete outfit.

Click here for more info.

I am not really over the moon about this one. I mean, yes it meets all the requirements of the look for the costume.

However, I think it is a little weak. I mean, there are so many better looking costumes out there for the money.

Maybe someone has used this one and has a pic in it that can change my mind? If so, leave the link in the comments for me to check out.

Simple and Victorian for your steampunk cosplay needs.

Sexy Steam Dream Costume

Sexy Steam Dream Costume

This is one of THE sexiest steampunk costumes for women.

You get the dress and the hat, but the goggles are not included.

You’ll also need to supply your own fishnets, gloves and steampunk boots to complete the look. It zips up the back and the back of the skirt is nothing but ruffles.

Click here for more info.

And a black netting petticoat is under the skirt.

I really can’t tell you just how much I love the look of this costume. If I only had the body to pull this one off, then I would totally buy it right now.

It actually makes me want to get in better shape just so I can strut my stuff in this sweet little number.

What do you think?

Best (hottest) steampunk costume ever? I think so.

Love, love, LOVE the look of this one! So hot!

Steampunk Pirate Costume

Steampunk Pirate Costume

I bet you haven’t seen a female pirate costume as cool as this steampunk pirate costume.

When you buy it, you get the skirt, the overskirt, the top and the bandana. That means you just need your own boots and gloves to finish out the look.

Sizes range from small to large.

Click here for more info.

Personally, I am not sure about this one. I mean, it is kind of mixing genres, right?

Yeah, I do not know if pirates and steampunk mix, but it they do – this is a pretty good costuming choice.

Try it for yourself and let me know if you agree with me on this one.

Good option though if you’re also into the pirate look.

Beautifully Faux Leather Black Underbust Corset With Shoulder straps

Beautifully Faux Leather Black Underbust Corset With Shoulder strap

This boned corset is VERY nice.

It is black and made of faux leather. You can even wash it in your washing machine.

It is the perfect accessory for a steampunk outfit.

Click here for more info.

It is also worth noting that you can easily repurpose this piece as part of another outfit or costume.

So, that makes it a really attractive piece to add to your growing collection. Right?

I think that you get an awesome look from this corset!

More Women’s Steampunk Dress-Up Options

If you are still on the look out for that perfect costume or outfit that just screams ‘steampunk’ to you, then I have a few more pieces that might meet your needs. Just take a look at the final options that I have found for you down below. You just might find that perfect piece that you have been looking for to complete your look.

Steampunk Victorian the Tempest’s Dress


This is my least favorite steampunk outfit for women. It is a bright yellow dress with black stripe designs. It is a short dress and the designs are kind of funky. Paired with the right boots, gloves and hat – I think this could turn into a great, if not a little different, looking costume. Sizes range from small to XL. Honestly, I hate this one most of all compared to all the other options.

Steampunk Victorian the Downshire Skirt


If you already have a top and corset, then this steampunk skirt might be all that you need to complete your outfit. It is only available in the blue color in the image. The waist is elastic and the edges are ruffled. Sizes range from small to XL. The cool thing is that you can repurpose this for other outfits too. So, that is a nice bonus of adding this to your closet. NOTE: this is just the skirt and no other costume pieces for sale.

Steampunk Bustle Skirt Adult Accessory


This is a really nice steampunk skirt as it is actually handmade to size when you order it. The waist is elastic and there is lace detail on the skirt. It works best if you already have a top and other accessories to pair with it. The material is faux suede. Perfect costume piece for women of all sizes. Another skirt- only costume piece. But, doesn’t it look cool?

Steampunk Skull Pirate Medieval Bodice Set


Another great option for the steampunker that is also into the pirate maiden look. If you’re leaning towards a steampunk pirate look, then this steampunk pirate corset set is just what you need for your costume. You get a panel skirt and a 3-tice bodice. The bodice is really nice and has steel boning on the sides, back and front. You can order it in red, purple or silver. Just pair it with a blouse and a few accessories and you’re a steampunk pirate queen.

Steampunk Victorian Skirt


It has an interesting look, huh? Also, this is just the skirt for sale. This steampunk skirt has kind of a cool look about it. The color is blood red and there is some gear design around the waist. It is made of soft poly-satin and has some black lace frills. All you need to do to turn it into a complete costume is add a blouse and steampunk boots. The waist is elastic and sizes range from small to XL.

Find Steampunk Costumes on eBay

If you are looking for some costumes that are bit more unique or even a bit more budget friendly, then eBay is a great place to take that search. To help you get started, I suggest that you check out some current auctions at

When buying on eBay, remember to check the shipping costs to get your overall total price before buying. You will also want to take a look at the feedback rating of the seller to ensure that you are dealing with a seller that has a good reputation among other buyers. This will help ensure that you do not get taken advantage of by any scammers out there.

More on Steampunk Dress Up

When you are ready to get your new steampunk look going, I do hope that you find the options that I have listed up above as useful in your quest. As I am certain that you will notice, there are many, many more options that I have come across for women to dress up in steampunk attire than for men to dress up in their steampunk best. Fortunately, men can take some of the costume pieces and do a little of mixing and matching to come up with some different options other than just those that are listed up above. As I come across more options for men, I will update this list and post them for any guys that are on the lookout for a new outfit or cosplay costume.

If you have a costume that I do not have listed here, or even if you have put together your own outfit from different pieces, then please do feel free to let me know about this. You can leave me a message up in the comments. And if you happen to have a photo link to the costume online, please be sure to leave the link for me to go and check out on my own!

Which Costume Did You Decide On?

If you used one of the costumes above, let me know how it worked out. And if you have a link to a pick, feel free to post it. I’d love to see your costume!